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How to energize an electron

When an organic chemist needs strong reducing power he can turn to elemental alkali metals in an aprotic medium. When a


Research for raw material change: UniCat-BASF Joint Lab „BasCat“

The Cluster of Excellence Unifying Concepts in Catalysis (UniCat) and BASF SE officially opened their joint laboratory,


Spin-out DexLeChem is among the first startup companies to be chosen by Bayer Pharma as a strategic partner

The high-tech startup DexLeChem has rent its own laboratory and office space in this first life-science centre for entre

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is a Cluster of Excellence within the framework of the Excellence Initiative researching the economically important field of catalysis.
About 240 chemists, physicists, biologists and engineers of 4 universities and 2 Max Planck research institutes are involved in Berlin and Potsdam.