Bioelectrochemistry Award for Prof. Frieder W. Scheller

Mittwoch, 23. September 2009

On 60th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Electrochemistry (ISE) in Peking, Prof. Frieder W. Scheller was honoured with the Bioelectrochemistry Award. The prizewinner receives 1500 Dollars.

In his Award Lecture "Contributions to Electro Enzyme Technology" Prof. Scheller gave an overview on his research work on the development of enzyme electrochemistry.

Here is the abstract of his talk:

Redox reactions involving proteins play a key role in many physiological systems such as metabolism, respiration or photosynthesis. The efficiency of signal transfer in these complexes has stimulated the development of artificial redox chains in bioelectronics, e.g. biosensors and biofuel cells. 

In this talk three levels of integration will be presented:

  • Amperometry as a tool in bioelectrosynthesis using HRP, cytochromes P-450 and peroxygenase
  • Application of enzyme-modified surfaces for current amplification in enzyme electrodes, biomimetic receptors, redox-label immunoassays and mathematical operations in biosensors
  • Direct protein electrochemistry based on coupling of intramolecular and heterogeneous electron transfer in molybdo enzymes and cytochrome c polylayer architectures