UniCat takes part in European Competition "EngageU"

Mittwoch, 11. April 2012

Public voting until 19th of April

© Mimikry/Aschenbrenner

UniCat is taking part in  European Competition for Best Innovations in University Outreach and Public Engagement (EngageU). UniCat has submitted its English short movie on conversion of natural gas and the oxidative coupling of methane.

You can vote for UniCat's submission:

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The short movie is on Youtube: Catalysts for Methane Conversion (en), Katalysatoren für die Umwandlung von Methan (de).

As part of the European Commission funded, the University of Oxford is organizing the online competition  EngageU to identify the most innovative outreach and public engagement activities that have been carried out by European Universities.

You can find all competition entries on engageawards.com/all-entries. The public vote until 19th of April will play a key role in contributing to the selection of the three wining entries by the panel of judges.

The three winning entries will each receive a 5000 EUR prize for their institution plus funding for a representative to attend the award ceremony at the University of Oxford on 8th of June 2012.