Prof. Dr. Nediljko Budisa

Research interests

Biocatalysis, genetic code engineering, protein engineering, xenobiology, synthetic biology, fluorescence proteins, protein folding

Research Fields in UniCat

Research Field D4
Research Field E4

2010-2011: C2

Selection of research projects

  • Prion protein: Providing a model for the transient of Prc to Prsc
  • Parallel incorporation of different non-canonical amino acids into a single protein
  • Combination of stop codon suppression and supplementation methodologies Systematic evaluation of lipase congeners
  • Introduction of novel fluorescent tags into protein sequences

Prof. Dr. Nediljko Budisa

Photo of Nediljko  Budisa Nediljko Budisa
Technische Universität Berlin
Inst. f. Chemie
Berlin , 10623

+49 30 314- 28821 / 2896


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