New Einstein Visiting Fellow

Professor Stephen P. Cramer

19 July 2016
Professor Stephen P. Cramer from the University of California, Davis will join the UniCat working group of Professor Peter Hildebrandt as Einstein Visiting Fellow.

The renowned expert in synchrotron spectroscopy Professor Stephen P. Cramer from the University of California, Davis will in the future also conduct research at the Cluster of Excellence UniCat and at the Einstein Centre for Catalysis.

His research, which he will conduct as part of the research group of Professor Hildebrandt, will focus on how bacteria use special enzymes to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) to carbon monoxide (CO). An additional research question is the synthesis of molecular hydrogen (H2) also with the aid of enzymes. The results are to facilitate the long-term synthetic development of catalysts that are able to accelerate biochemical processes equally efficiently as naturally occurring enzymes do.

As the Einstein Foundation announced today, the Foundation will fund internationally renowned scientists and research projects in Berlin over the next three years with a total of 3.3 million euro. More than half of the funding is provided by private funds of the Damp Foundation.

Among those who will receive funding are four Einstein Visiting Fellows who will each establish a working group between their home university and a Berlin university as well as an international post-doc fellowship and an Einstein Junior Fellowship for talented young researchers.