Summer School on Molecular Catalysis 2015

Tuesday, 31. March 2015

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The Summer School on Molecular Catalysis organized by ICIQ, UniCat, and BIG-NSE brings together graduate and postdoctoral researchers from all over the world to attend lectures of top-level speakers in molecular catalysis.

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Monday July 6:

09:30-10:30: Lecture 1; Reiher: "Pitfalls in Quantum Chemical Calculations You Haven't Thought of"

10:30-11:30: Lecture 2; Dobbek: "The Role of Fe, Co and Ni in the Microbial Life on CO and CO2"

13:30-14:30: Lecture 3; Bourissou: "Phosphine-Boranes and Related Ambiphilic Compounds: Unusual Structures and Synthetic Applications"

14:30-15:30: Lecture 4; Reetz: "Directed Evolution of Stereoselective Enzymes: A Prolific Source of Catalysts for Asymmetric Reactions"

Tuesday July 7:

09:00-10:00: Lecture 5; Stephan: "Frustrated Lewis Pairs in Metal-Free Catalytic Hydrogenations"

10:00-11:00: Lecture 6; Martin: "Ni-Catalyzed C-O Bond-Cleavage and Reductive Carboxylation Techniques"

13:00-14:00: Lecture 7; Limberg: "Molecular Metal Silicates: Surface Modelling and O2 Activation"

14:00-15:00: Lecture 8; Reetz: "Learning from Directed Evolution: Shedding Light on Enzyme Mechanisms"

Wednesday July 8:

10:00-11:00: Lecture 9; Reiher: "New Developments in Computational Chemistry"

11:00-12:00: Lecture 10; Hildebrandt: "Molecular Insight into Enzymatic Processes: Vibrational Spectroscopic Approaches"

14:00-15:00: Lecture 11; Urakawa: "Operando Spectroscopy of Catalytic Materials and Interfaces"

15:00-16:00: Lecture 12; Süßmuth: "Peptide Antibiotics in Bacterial Host Pathogen Interactions"

16:30-17:30: Lecture 13; Echavarren: "New Gold-Catalyzed Cyclizations"

17:30-18:00: Lecture 14; Stephan: "Stoichiometric and Catalytic Activations of Small Molecules by Frustrated Lewis Pairs"

Thursday July 9:

09:00-10:00: Lecture 15; Bourissou: "Transition Metal Complexes: From Original Coordination Modes and Reactivity Patterns, to New Catalytic Approaches"

10:00-11:00: Lecture 16; Llobet: "Molecular Water Oxidation Catalysis: From the Basics to the State of the Art"

11:30-12:30: Lecture 17; Thomas: "Functional Materials for Catalysis and Energy Applications"