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UniCat News - Winter 2017/18

UniSysCat proposal submitted

Wed 21 February 2018

The designated spokespersons Prof. Matthias Driess, Prof. Arne Thomas, and Prof. Peter Hildebrandt have submitted the full proposal for the Cluster of Excellence “Unifying Systems in Catalysis”.

New joint paper on hydrogenase

Tue 20 February 2018

Tracking the route of substrates, intermediates, and inhibitors in proteins is fundamental in understanding their specific function. However, following the route of gases like molecular oxygen within enzymes has always been challenging.

Clara Immerwahr Award 2018

Mon 12 February 2018

Dr. Tracy Lohr received the Clara Immerwahr Award 2018. Additionally, the photo gallery of the CIA 18 event is now online.

COF for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation

Wed 07 February 2018

New paper by Prof. Reinhard Schomäcker and Prof. Arne Thomas in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

Otto-Warburg Medal 2018 for Opto Geneticist

Tue 06 February 2018

UniCat professor Peter Hegemann will receive the Otto-Warburg Medal 2018. With the award Hegemann will be honored for his research in the field of light-driven ion channels.

Hot paper by Matthias Driess

Wed 20 December 2017

Highly stereoselective transfer semi-hydrogenation of alkynes to E-olefins has been achieved by applying N-heter-ocyclic silylene (NHSi)–manganese(II) complexes as superior pre-catalysts, bearing a bis-NHSi pyridine pincer ligand.

Biosensors and Nanotechnology

Tue 19 December 2017

UniCat scientist Dr. Zeynep Altintas has published a new book with the leading global publisher WILEY: “Biosensors and Nanotechnology - Applications in Health Care Diagnostics”.

Upcoming Events

5th BioProScale Symposium 2018

On innovative scale up and scale down for bioprocess intensification

Tue 22 – Thu 24 March 2018
Langenbeck-Virchow-Haus Luisenstr. 58/59
10117 Berlin (Mitte)

Bundesciencia Science Cafe

Mon 26 March 2018, 19:00
Cervantes Institute Rosenstraße 18
10178 Berlin


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