Fuel cells - energy conversion of the future

See demonstrations of experimental set-ups for storing solar energy. Solar power can be used to obtain hydrogen from water. Fuel cells mean that even when the sun is no longer shining, we can still generate electricity highly effectively. Plus take a look at a replica of the experiment that led to the first fuel cells, from 1839! Fuel cells have a large number of advantages and will soon replace combustion engines and gas heating equipment. Fuel cells are extremely efficient and operate silently and with no vibrations. The ideal fuel is hydrogen, as it contains a lot of stored energy and produces only water when it burns, which is very environmentally sound. However, renewable raw materials such as bio alcohol are also very suitable.


3D model of an enzyme and a computer animation. Marvel at our vision of the biological generation of hydrogen from sunlight and water!

House of Catalysis, right-hand side of the foyer

5 pm to 1 am, lasts 20 minutes

Suitable for children age 10 plus and school groups

Kind of event:
Exhibition, demonstration, experiment, film

full disabled access