Matthias Driess has been selected as the recipient of the Davison Lecture

November 16, 2016

UniCat Chair Prof. Dr. Matthias Driess has been honored by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to give the renowned Davison Lecture in Cambridge, USA. This Award recognizes individual groundbreaking contributions to Inorganic Chemistry.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Driess © UniCat / Martin Penno

Within the framework of the Davison Lecture in Inorganic Chemistry Professor Driess gave two talks. The first one was dealing the question if there was a silicon horizon in homogeneous catalysis. The second talk was on unifying catalysis through the synthesis of hybrid materials.

Alan Davison was a British inorganic chemist well-known for his work on transition metals. He was a Fellow of the Royal Society and a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He died after a long illness on 14 November 2015 at the age of 79.