Dr. Constantin Czekelius

Dr. Constantin Czekelius was an associated member of UniCat and junior scientist at FU Berlin. In June 2013 he accepted an appointment at Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf where he is a professor for assymetric syntheses at the Institute for Organic Chemistry

Research interests

Hyperbranched and dendritic polymers, homogeneous catalysis, development of enantioselective catalytic methods for the stereoselective synthesis, functionalisation of non-activated alkanes and alkenes by transition metal complexes

Research Fields in UniCat

2012: Research Field E3
2007-2011: C1

UniCat publications

388 Gold-Catalyzed endo-Cyclizations of 1,4-Diynes to Seven-Membered Ring Heterocycles C. Czekelius, K. Wilckens, M. Uhlemann Chemistry - A European Journal 2009, 15, 13323–13326, 10.1002/chem.200901702

Dr. Constantin Czekelius

Constantin Czekelius
Freie Universität zu Berlin
Institut für Chemie und Biochemie - Organische Chemie
Takustr. 3
Berlin , 14195
+49 30 838-52625/ -52636