Inkulab - Incubator Laboratory for Chemistry Startups in Berlin

The Inkulab was founded by Innovationszentrum Berlin Management GmbH (a WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH subsidiary), the Centre for Entrepreneurship and the Cluster of Excellence UniCat at TU Berlin. Berlin’s business sector supports the initiative with around one million euro.

The Inkulab project supports spin-offs especially from the Cluster of Excellence UniCat that promote the city as a business location, and the provision of laboratory working spaces for founders during the pre-start-up phase closes an existing gap in current start-up infrastructure. These are additionally valuable advantages for the start-up capital and Berlin’s economy.

The Inkulab wants to support those in the area of chemistry who have achieved commercially exploitable research results at Berlin’s universities and who wish to establish start-ups. It closes a gap in technology transfer between research and development of marketable products and services in the early founding stages of companies.

The Inkulab is offering something entirely new. It provides a customized infrastructure for chemistry start-ups in close proximity to the Institute of Chemistry. UniCat Professor Reinhard Schomäcker was one of the main initiators of Inkulab.

For further information please contact:
Ralph Langanke, Inkulab project leader, WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH, phone: +49 (0) 30/6392-6020, Mobile +49 (0)172 315 9560, E-Mail:,