DexLeChem GmbH offers development services to enable the production of chiral substances with water based processes where the unmodified homogeneous catalyst can be re-used.

This new resource-efficient reaction route makes it possible for customers to produce active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) significantly cheaper and more sustainable.

The chiral catalysts is one of the most expensive ingredients in such processes, with prices up to 200.000 €/kg. Due to common separation procedures these catalysts can be used only once. More gentle separation procedures need water, but after getting in contact with water industrially implemented catalysts lose their activity. The innovative solution of DexLeChem stabilizes the catalyst in water such that it can be re-used. An EU-patent is filed for this innovation.

DexLeChem GmbH was founded 2013.

From the very beginning DexLeChem was supported by EXIST, the highest funded program developed by the federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in order to stimulate high-tech startups.

The technical team, containing of four members, is led by Sonja Jost, majority shareholder and innovator. All members are outstanding experts in their fields, i.e. former researcher of the Max Planck Society. The divisions business development, marketing, and finance are led by the three other co-founders.

Before founding DexLeChem Sonja Jost was a scientist Prof. Schomäcker's group.