UniCat News - April / May 2016

Honorary Doctoral Degree for Prof. Freund

Thu. 12 May 2016

Professor Hans-Joachim Freund has been honored for his outstanding contributions to surface science, in particular concerning the development of oxidic model systems for heterogeneous catalysis.

Great honor for Prof. Günter Wozny

Fri. 06 May 2016

For his many years of service surrounding the scientific exchange between Poland and Germany, UniCat Professor Günter Wozny received the Cross of Merit of the Republic of Poland.

Prof. Freund elected to the AAAS

Fri. 29 April 2016

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences has announced the election of 213 new members. Among those elected into this newest class is UniCat Prof. Freund of the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society.

Election of a temporary Executive Board

The temporary Board of the Einstein Centre for Catalysis was constituted during a meeting of the extended UniCat Executive Board. The Einstein Centre for Catalysis was founded in January 2016 and will commence its project-related research on November 1, 2017.

Research Highlight

Thu. 21 April 2016

Biochemical Dissection of the Natural Diversification of Microcystin Provides Lessons for Synthetic Biology of NRPS - joint paper in Cell Chemical Biology by Roderich D. Süssmuth, Elke Dittmann and more

Chemistry laboratory for spin-offs

Thu. 14 April 2016

Inkulab yesterday presented itself at the 5th Berlin Chemie Symposium in Berlin-Adlershof, which is organized by the JungChemikerForum Berlin.

Effective catalysts for fuel cells

Fri. 1 April 2016

UniCat Professor Dr. Peter Strasser of the TU Berlin has received the Otto Roelen Medal 2016 at the Annual Meeting of German Catalysis Experts in Weimar.

Upcoming Events

EMBO Conference 2016

12 to 15 June 2016
Radisson Blu Hotel
Oulu Hallituskatu 1
90100 Oulu

Dr. Maria-Andrea Mroginski of UniCat is part of the organizing team.


Informational Meeting on the
Einstein Centre for Catalysis

Hosts: Prof. Dr. Matthias Driess, Prof. Dr. Peter Hildebrandt

The meeting that was originally planned for June 22nd has been postponed to another date.


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