Prof. Dr. Matthias Driess

Chair of UniCat since 2007

Member of UniCat's Executive Board
Scientific Director at BasCat

Research interests

Metalorganic chemistry, precursor synthesis, molecular models for heterogeneous catalysis, molecular main group and organometallic chemistry

Research Fields in UniCat

Research Field D1*
Research Field D2*
Research Field D3*
Research Field E3

* Main Research Fields

2007-2011: A1, A3, A4, A5

Selection of research projects

  • Novel coorperating ligands for the heterolytic bond activation
  • Transition-metal silylene complexes
  • From activating small molecules to hetero bimetallic transition-metal complexes
  • Synthesis and characterisation of transition-metal silyline complexes
  • New single source precursors for the metal-doping stannic oxide as an alternative to ITO

Relevant News

Thursday, 27. September 2018

Unifying Systems in Catalysis (UniSysCat)

How to Understand and Utilize Networks in Catalysis[more]

Friday, 15. June 2018

Two BIG-NSE PhD students awarded

Two PhD students of BIG-NSE were awarded with the “Chinese government award for outstanding self financed students abroad” from the Chinese scholarship council. The awarding ceremony for Shuang Li and Yupeng Zhou, will take place at the Berlin Chinese Emb

Friday, 18. May 2018

High electromagnetic field enhancement of TiO2 nanotubes electrodes

Inez Weidinger and coworkers have published a joint paper of three Unicat groups in Angewandte Chemie. They have created nanotubular TiO2 electrodes with unpreceded local light enhancement within the tubes. These nano-electrodes can be used for enhancing p

Wednesday, 21. February 2018

Excellence Strategy: UniSysCat proposal submitted

The designated spokespersons Prof. Matthias Driess, Prof. Arne Thomas, and Prof. Peter Hildebrandt have submitted the full proposal for the Cluster of Excellence “Unifying Systems in Catalysis”, UniSysCat in short.

Wednesday, 17. January 2018

Stereoselective Transfer Semi-Hydro- genation of Alkynes to E-Olefins with N-Heterocyclic Silylene–Manganese Catalysts

Highly stereoselective transfer semi-hydrogenation of alkynes to E-olefins has been achieved by applying N-heter-ocyclic silylene (NHSi)–manganese(II) complexes as superior pre-catalysts, bearing a bis-NHSi pyridine pincer ligand.

Friday, 29. September 2017

Sustainability Needs Catalysis Research

"Unifying Systems in Catalysis" (UniSysCat), the succession project of UniCat, is qualified for submitting a full proposal.

Thursday, 20. July 2017

Highly Efficient Iron Diselenide Electrocatalyst for Overall Water Splitting

New hot paper of Matthias Driess and coworkesrs in Angewandte Chemie: A highly active iron diselenide electrocatalyst was prepared at low temperature from a bioinspired 2Fe-2Se molecular complex. The catalyst was applied to bifunctional oxygen and hydrogen

Thursday, 13. July 2017

A Decade of Excellent Catalysis Research

The 10th anniversary of their existence is being celebrated with the symposium entitled “Unifying Concepts in Catalysis: Status Quo and Challenges” at the TU Berlin.

Friday, 07. July 2017

10th Anniversary of UniCat: Symposium on "Unifying Concepts in Catalysis: Status Quo and Challenges."

The Cluster of Excellence, UniCat, and its graduate school, the BIG-NSE are going to celebrate their 10th anniversary at the TU Berlin from July 12th – 14th.

Tuesday, 13. June 2017

It made me feel unique to synthesize something which didn’t exist before

Interview with current Berlin International Graduate School of Natural Sciences and Engineering (BIG-NSE) fellow Min Ha Kim on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of BIG-NSE

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Prof. Matthias Driess

Matthias Driess
Technische Universität Berlin
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