Prof Dr. Matthias Kraume

Former member of UniCat's Executive Board (2012-2017)

Research interests

CFD simulation, transport phenomena, membrane bioreactors, reactor design, multiphase processes, biological processes, renewable resources, module optimisation

Research Fields in UniCat

2012-2017: Research Fields D1 and D2
2007-2011: C2, C3, C4

Selection of research projects

Multiphase processes
Biological processes
Membrane processes
Renewable resources
Membrane bioreactors
Module optimisation


Relevant News

Thursday, 30. March 2017

Junior Professorship for Gregor Wehinger

Dr. Gregor Wehinger from the UniCat group led by Professor Matthias Kraume has been appointed junior professor at Clausthal University of Technology. Professor Wehinger represents the teaching subject “Chemical Process Dynamics” at the Institute of Chemica

Tuesday, 23. February 2016

Award-winning Lecture at Conference in Salt Lake City

Gregor Wehinger, research associate of the UniCat group of Prof. Matthias Kraume, has been honored with an award for his lecture on dry reforming of methane in fixed-bed reactors at the annual conference of the “American Institute of Chemical Engineers” (A[more]

Wednesday, 18. November 2009

UniCat Senior Scientists succesful in raising new funds

Prof. Matthias Kraume becomes coordinator of new Collaborative Research Centre: Integrated chemical processes in fluid multiphase systems (InPROMPT)[more]

Prof. Dr. Matthias Kraume

Matthias Kraume
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