Fresh from the press: Biosensors and Nanotechnology

19 December 2017

UniCat scientist Dr. Zeynep Altintas has published a new book with the leading global publisher WILEY: “Biosensors and Nanotechnology - Applications in Health Care Diagnostics”.

Dr. Zeynep Altintas and her new book. Photo © TU Berlin/IPODI

The book provides deep insight into the very recent advances in biosensors and diagnostics applications of nanomaterials. Dr. Altintas designed the project to deliver a comprehensive handbook for researchers, scientists, and engineers in the field, as well as for graduate students studying the subject.

Published in December 2017, the book is available as hardcover and E-book having about 400 pages (ISBN: 978-1-119-06501-2).

Presentation award and medal

Dr. Zeynep Altintas is the head of the Biosensors and Receptor Development Group at the Berlin University of Technology.

At this year’s European Advanced Materials Conference in Stockholm, Dr. Altintas has received the best oral presentation award and medal. Her work entitled “Electrochemical sensing of computationally simulated disease biomarkers using epitope imprinting” was awarded among 255 scientific talks.

The award committee consisted of world renowned scientist Prof. Zhong Lin Wang (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA), Prof. Hisatoshi Kobayashi (National Institute for Material Science, Tsukuba Japan) and Prof Ashutosh Tiwari (Linköping University, Sweden). Dr. Zeynep Altintas collaborates with Prof. Maria Andrea Mroginski, Prof. Roderich Süssmuth, and Prof. Frieder W. Scheller in this project.

In addition, Dr. Altintas has received the certificate of recognition for her pioneering works on virus and drug nanoMIPs in the 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Advances in Chromatography & HPLC Techniques (Berlin, Germany).