Unifying Concepts in Catalysis - Special Issue of ChemCatChem

Monday, 12. July 2010

Christian Limberg and Matthias Driess are guest editors

After merely two and a half years of UniCat research, it is already visible that the initiative has led to much faster progress through synergisms than would have been possible within the individual branches of catalysis.

Unforeseen exciting new results have been achieved, ranging from materials synthesis for solar-energy-driven catalytic transformations, novel molecular catalysts for facile activation of small molecules, heterogenization of homogeneous catalysts, structuring of surface nanoparticles, structural elucidation of metalloenzyme cofactors, and process modeling to the use of new reactor types.

ChemCatChem, Vol. 2,  Issue 7 , Pages 709 - 875 (July 12, 2010)