VBKI Science Award for Hamid Godini

Tuesday, 17. November 2015

Award for dissertation on oxidative coupling of methane

Photos © Businessfotografie Inga Haar

Yesterday, Dr. Hamid Reza Godini of the UniCat research group of Professor Günter Wozny received the VBKI (Berlin association of merchants and industrialists) Science Award at the Association’s Goldberg Hall. The award honors Hamid Reza Godini’s dissertation “Analysis of Individual and Integrated Packed – Bed Membrane Reactor for Oxidative Coupling of Methane”.

In his welcome address, the Director of the VBKI, Udo Marin, emphasized the significance of the promotion of science. “In Germany especially, economic success and thus our prosperity is tightly linked to the question of how well we are able to generate new ideas and solutions”.

The expert jury surrounding Prof. Peter Deuflhard, former President of the Zuse Institute Berlin, this year recognizes four dissertations and two master’s theses with awards.

Professor Wozny is delighted that a member of his staff has received the award: “This recognition of Dr. Godini is not just an award for our Department, but for the entire UniCat Cluster, in which oxidative coupling of methane is of interdisciplinary interest”.

The VBKI has thus awarded junior researchers for the fourth time and aims to set an impulse for an innovation-friendly environment. The Association accepted papers on the key topics of science and business development in the Berlin-Brandenburg area. Each awardee receives 3,000 euros in prize money.

“The VBKI Science Award is meant to support the smartest heads and provide an innovation-friendly environment in the capital-city region,” says Markus Voigt, President of the VBKI.

VBKI Science Award

Up to seven dissertations and master’s these from Berlin’s and Brandenburg’s universities that contribute in a special way to the promotion of science and business development in the Berlin-Brandenburg area are recognized each year. These include especially papers in the areas of medicine & life sciences, natural sciences, mathematics & computer science, mobility & transportation science, tourism, information communication and creative industry.

The VBKI (Berlin association of merchants and industrialists) was founded in 1879. It promotes social development. Its 1900 members aim to shape and promote Berlin. The VBKI promotes non-profit projects and wants to act as pace maker for a livable city of the future.