Talks on Chemistry and Catalysis

8 pm - 8.45 pm Theory of Relativity in chemistry and in everyday life
Midnight - 12.55 am Midnight reading of Dr. N₂O, Ms. Aurum and the magnificent experimenting ladies, feat. UnO

Of art forgers and artificial life, enzymes, Einstein and fuel cells: learn interesting, curious and amusing facts from the colourful worlds of chemistry and catalysis!

TimeProject Title
5 pm – 5.45 pmHydrogen fuel cells – clean energy for the electric cars of the future": Solar energy can be stored as hydrogen. Fuel cells then generate electricity from these as required. This process requires catalysts. Presentation by Prof. Peter Strasser
6 pm – 6.45 pmChemical works of art with colours, light and hydrogen”: Chemists play with coloured liquids, generate chemical light and use it to create reactions. Large-scale experiment and presentation by Prof. Siegfried Blechert
7 pm – 7.45 pmArt and chemistry – a visit to the museum with a mobile X-ray lab”: A micro X-ray fluorescence spectrometer lets us find out information on the age, authenticity and origins of works of art without damaging the work in question. Presentation by Prof. Jörn Müller
8 pm – 8.45 pmWhat Einstein and Dirac didn’t know: on the meaning of the Special Theory of Relativity in chemistry and in everyday life”. The golden colour of jewellery, the Sat Nav in the car and the catalytic converter are just a few examples. Presentation by Prof. Martin Kaupp
9 pm – 9.45 pmWhat is life? Artificial life between metaphysics, alchemy, chemistry and synthetic biology”: Presentation by Prof. Nediljko Budisa
10 pm – 10.45 pmSurface tension and its consequences”: We come across it at every turn in our daily lives. It is surface tension that holds beer foam and mousses together. Presentation by Prof. Regine von Klitzing
11 pm – 11.20 pmProteins at work: Time-resolved single-photon spectroscopy for studying light absorption and energy conduction in photosynthetic light-harvesting complexes”. Presentation by Dr. Franz-Josef Schmitt
Midnight – 12.55 amThe first midnight reading of Dr. N₂O, Ms. Aurum and the magnificent experimenting ladies, feat. UnO”: Midnight sees the start of this 59-minute experimental reading, which brings the audience to interact with new media. Minimum age: 18

House of Catalysis, Lecture Theatre C130

5 pm to 1 am

Suitable for children age 10 plus and school groups

Kind of event:
Demonstration, experiment, presentation

full disabled access