Hydrogen - the energy source of the future

Light 2 Hydrogen

Enough sunlight shines on the earth in just one hour to meet the energy needs of the human race for one year! Photocatalytic water splitting has significant potential to make this energy usable. This is an area that “Light 2 Hydrogen” is working on. See the light-driven release of hydrogen from water in laboratory-scale experiments. Take a peek into the catalyst development laboratory and find out all about the work of the joint project with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research!


Take a look over the shoulder of the "Light 2 Hydrogen” scientists while they work on catalyst development. A tour of the laboratory will give you an insight into the way they work with air-sensitive chemicals

House of Chemistry, foyer

17:00 - 22:00, one the hour, last 20 minutes

Kind of event:
Demonstration, guided tour, information stand

full disabled access