Signs of material change: natural gas instead of crude oil – from the cow to the plastic bag

Cow with tank for collecting methane © Berliner Kurier
Miniplant © TU Berlin/ Ulrich Dahl

They are to be found in toothbrushes, carpets and in the car. Plastics. At the moment they are still made from oil, but in our chemicals factory of the future we show you on a small scale how we can use alternative raw materials such as natural gas and biogas as the basis for the future of our modern society, in ways that are both energy-efficient and low-emission.

Oil supplies are finite, and the chemicals industry is taking up the challenge of the 21st century: the search for alternatives. As an unsaturated hydrocarbon with a double bond, ethylene is the raw material for many products in our daily life. Have a look at small-scale examples of how we can achieve future supplies of raw materials in a way that is both pollution-free and energy-efficient!

House of Chemistry (Haus der Chemie),
meeting point: foyer

18:00 - 23:45 
duration: 45 min, every full hour

Type of event:
Demonstration, experiment, guided tour

Weelchair accessible