The chemistry is right - talks on chemistry and catalysis

Of artificial and extra-terrestrial life, catalysts and enzymes, Einstein and Dirac: learn interesting, curious and entertaining facts from the colourful worlds of chemistry and catalysis!

18.00 - 18.30 Photocatalytic splitting of water © L2H/TU Berlin / Birgit Wassermann
22.00 - 22.30 Theory of Relativity in chemistry and in everyday life © UniCat / Martin Kaupp


All presentations will be conducted in German

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“Solar hydrogen production - producing hydrogen from sunlight and water”

The time in which we mindlessly rely on fossil fuels is past. The course for the future supply of energy must be set now, and hydrogen plays a central role therein. Let’s look if solar hydrogen production is the key to the solution. Talk by Dr. Michael Schwarze.

“Surprising effects in colloidal systems”

Colloidal systems can often be very easily manipulated due to the smallness of the existing structures and their weak forces. This, together with their large internal interface often leads to amazing optical, mechanical, and rheological properties, or allows for the simple construction of capsules, etc. This presentation by Prof. Gradzielski provides a brief and clear overview of the variety of possible phenomena.


"Can science create new life?"

Exaggerated descriptions of research objectives in synthetic biology have attracted the interest of the media. In his presentation, Prof. Budisa will examine the question, "What is life?" and indicate whether it is possible to create life in the laboratory on a different basis than what has been known until now.

“Is there life beyond Earth?”

Searching for life in the solar system and in the universe

Microbial life is certainly more common than intelligent life, and it might even exist in our solar system. Up-to-date research results on the topic will be presented, especially in regards to Mars and the moons Europa and Titan. Some exoplanets could also be a habitat for intelligent life. Lecture by Prof. Schulze-Makuch.

“What Einstein and Dirac didn’t know: on the meaning of the special theory of relativity in chemistry and in everyday life”

The golden colour of jewelry, the Sat Nav in the car and the catalytic converter are just a few examples. Presentation by Prof. Martin Kaupp.

“Proteins at work”

Time-resolved single photon spectroscopy for the study of light absorption and energy conduction in photosynthetic light-harvesting complexes. Presentation by Dr. Franz-Josef Schmitt.

House of Chemistry (Haus der Chemie), Lecture Hall TC 6

17:00 to 23:20; duration: 20/30/45 minutes

For children age 10 and older and for school groups

Type of event:
Demonstration, experiment, presentation

Weelchair accessible