Cells in 3-D microscopy “in touch”

CHO cell with membrane bound red florescent protein and PH sensitive protein in the blue (left) and green (right) color channels © TU Berlin/ Thomas Friedrich

In the last ten years there have been enormous advances in high-resolution microscopy for imaging cellular components at the nanometer scale. At the same time, the Internet allows us unlimited communication. We will demonstrate the use of such an Internet guided research microscope, which you can then try out yourself.

With fluorescence microscopy you can see even individual molecules of the organelles of living cells, mitochondria, for example, and observe how they communicate. This will mean an enormous advance in biology and medicine. Experience the amazing world of modern microscopy for yourself live through a touch-screen controlled microscope in the foyer of the House of Chemistry (Haus der Chemie).

House of Chemistry (Haus der Chemie), entrance foyer

17:00 to midnight

15 min, on-going 

For children 10 and older

Type of event:
Demonstration, Experiment

Wheelchair accessible