Fuel cells - energy converters of the future

1. Reproduction of the first fuel cell produced in 1839
2. Production, storage and subsequent transformation of hydrogen in a fuel cell

We will show you experimental setups for storing solar energy. Solar power is used to extract hydrogen from water. Fuel cells can be used, once the sun isn't shining, to very efficiently again produce electricity from this.

You may also see a reproduction of the experimental setup of the first fuel cell produced in the year 1839.

Fuel cells offer many advantages and will soon be used to replace combustion engines and gas heaters. Fuel cells are very efficient, are completely soundless and without vibration. The ideal fuel is hydrogen, as it has a lot of energy stored and combusts to environment-friendly water. Yet renewable resources such as organic alcohol are also very suitable.



3D-model of the enzyme and computer animation
See our vision of the organic production of hydrogen - from sunlight and water.

House of Chemistry (Haus der Chemie), foyer

duration: 20 min

Suitable for children age 10 and older

Type of event:
Exhibit, demonstration, experiment