UniCat colloquia, 2008

(Chronological Order)

2008-12-17 Prof. Voja Stamenkovic,University of Chicago/Argonne National Laboratory: The Design of Nanoscale Catalysts at Solid-Liquid Interfaces announcement (PDF)

2008-12-10 Dr. Ulrike Kappler,Biochemistry & Molecular Bilology, University of Queensland, Australia: Metalloenzymes in bacterial sulphur metabolism announcement (PDF)

2008-12-09 Prof. Mitsuo Kira,Department of Chemistry, Graduate School fo Science, Tohoku, Japan: Transition Metal Complexes of Disilenes, Digermenes and Silylenes announcement (PDF)

2008-12-03 Prof. Andreas Hirsch,Department für Chemie und Pharmazie & Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Molekulare Materialien (ICMM) Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg: Synthese und supramolekulare Organisation von kohlenstoffreichen Architekturen announcement (PDF)

2008-11-26 Prof. Per Siegbahn,Department of Physics, Quantum Chemistry Group, Stockholm University Stockholm: Quantum chemistry and biological catalysis: Towards mechanistic models of water oxidation and heterolytic hydrogen cleavage announcement (PDF)

2008-11-12 Dr. Gilbert Nöll,Universität Siegen, Organische Chemie I: Bioorganic Hybrid Materials for Applications in Bioelectrochemistry and Nanotechnology announcement (PDF)

2008-10-29 Prof. Walter Leitner,(RWTH Aachen, MPI für Kohleforschung): "Green Solvents" for Catalysis - From Molecular Understanding to Reaction Engineering Concepts announcement (PDF)

2008-10-22 Prof. Guy Bertrand,University of California, Riverside, USA: New families of carbon-based ligands for transition metal catalysts announcement (PDF)

2008-09-29 Prof. Keith E. Gubbins,North Carolina State University, Raleigh, USA: Surface Nanostructure, Diffusion and Catalysis: The Role of Confinement and Surface Chemistry announcement (PDF)

2008-09-22 Prof. K. D. P. Nigam,Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India: Coiled Flow Inverter: A Novel Device announcement (PDF)

2008-07-24 Prof. Elio Giamello,Università di Torino, Torino, Italy: Electrons and holes at the surface of poly-crystalline ionic oxides. A survey on ten years of investigation announcement (PDF)

2008-07-16 Prof. Kai Sundmacher,MPI für Dynamik komplexer technischer Prozesse, Magdeburg: Bedeutung der Miniplant-Technik für die Entwicklung chemischer Produktionsprozesse announcement (PDF)

2008-07-09 Prof. Clement Sanchez,Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris: Designed construction of nanostuctured inorganic and hybrid inorganic-organic materials announcement (PDF)

2008-06-18 Prof. Bernhard Jaun,ETH Zürich, Switzerland: The Catalytic Role of the Nickel Hydrocorphin F430 in Biological Methane Formation and Functionalization announcement (PDF)

2008-06-11 Prof. Klaus-Peter Dinse,TU Darmstadt, Germany: Bietet die Hochfrequenz-EPR neue Möglichkeiten zur Untersuchung von Katalysatoren? announcement (PDF)

2008-05-28 Prof. Alexander Auer,TU Chemnitz, Germany: New ab-initio correlation methods and algorithms - development, benchmarks and application announcement (PDF)

2008-03-18 Prof. Thomas Rauchfuss,University of Illinois, USA: Organometallic Studies on Synthetic Anologues of the FeFe-Hydrogenases - Nature's Most Efficient Machine for Making Hydrogen announcement (PDF)

2008-02-13 Dr. Marga Lensen,RWTH Aachen, Germany: Micro- and Nanopatterned Surfaces for Specific Biointeraction announcement (PDF)

2008-02-06 Prof. Don Hilvert,ETH Zürich, Switzerland: Teaching old enzymes new tricks announcement (PDF)

2008-01-23 Dr. Arne Thomas,MPI für Kolloid- und Grenzflächenforschung, Potsdam-Golm: Micro- and Mesoporous Polymers and Organic Frameworks announcement (PDF)