Scientific exchange - Einstein visiting fellows

Through the program ”Einstein Visiting Fellows” the Einstein Foundation Berlin aims at the long- term integration of top-level scientists from abroad into Berlin’s research and scientific fields and at a further strengthening the international profile of Berlin’s universities and research facilities.

Target groups are first and foremost scientists who add to the main focuses of science research in Berlin with a particular competence and who cannot be recruited by appointment as they are tied to their home institution.

An ”Einstein Visiting Fellow” is not a conventional visiting scientist who attends a university or research institution in Berlin for just one semester. The fellows are rather a long-term partner for the science and research community in Berlin. It is expected that 'Einstein Visiting Fellows' will stay in Berlin for several weeks and several times throughout the year and give block courses, for instance, in accordance with the inviting institution. Furthermore, they are asked to initiate research projects together with their colleagues in Berlin.

Prof. Dr. John F. Hartwig