Prof. Dr. Anna Fischer

Former member of UniCat's Executive Board (2010-2014)

Dr. Anna Fischer has accepted an appointment for a full professorship at the University of Freiburg. In August 2014 the Fischer group moved to the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg and is now part of their Institute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry. Only four of her UniCat Doctoral candidates are supervised by Dr. Fischer from afar until they finished their PhD projects. Anna Fischer was junior research group leader in the Research Fields E2, D2, and E3 at UniCat, from November 2009 to July 2014.
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Relevant News

Monday, 23. July 2018

Electrografted interfaces on metal oxides for catalysis with highest stability

Diazonium salts were electrografted onto transparent conductive oxides as stable alternatives to conventional anchoring groups for the surface immobilisation of molecular species which are relevant as electrocatalysts or photosensitisers. The interface for

Monday, 26. September 2016

Former BIG-NSE fellow becomes Associate Professor

Dr. Amandine Guiet a former BIG-NSE fellow in the group of Prof. Anna Fischer has accepted an offer as “Maitre de Conférence” at Université du Maine at Le Mans in France.

Friday, 05. September 2014

Anna Fischer called to the University of Freiburg

The UniCat junior research group leader, Dr Anna Fischer, was offered and has accepted an appointment as a Professor at the Albert Ludwigs University, Freiburg. Since August 1, 2014, Dr Fischer has been a Professor of Inorganic Functional Materials at the [more]

Tuesday, 29. April 2014

Research interests

Nano-materials (metal/ metal oxides/ metal nitrides synthetic/biogenic),
porous/ nanostructured bio-interfaces (transparent conductive oxides/ Carbon/ Red-ox enzymes)

Research Fields in UniCat

2012-2014 (2017): E2*, D3*, and E3
2009-2011: A3, B5

* Main Research Fields

Selection of research projects

  • Mesoporous TCO thin films with variable pore sizes and pore structures for enzyme immobilization
  • Conductive Surface Nanopatterns
  • Structural investigation of chitosan-gold bioelectrodes --> Structure-function relationship
  • Structural investigation of novel materials for SER spectroscopy

Dr. Anna Fischer

Anna Fischer
TU Berlin, Nanostructured Electrodes for Biocatalysis /
U Freiburg, Inst. f. Anorg. und Analytische Chemie
+49 761 203 8717


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