Prof. Dr. Martin Oestreich

Research interests

Asymmetric catalysis, Lewis acid catalysis, main group
chemistry (silicon and boron), interelement bond activation, C-C bond
formation, Heck reaction, C-H bond activation, oxidative catalysis, reaction

Research Fields in UniCat

Research Field D2
Research Field D3

Selection of research projects

  • Intramolecularly Stabilized Silicon Cations in Lewis Acid Catalysis
  • Main-Group Lewis Acids for Si–H and H–H Bond Activation
  • Transition-Metal-Free Transfer Hydrosilylation and Hydrogenation
  • Investigation of Reaction Mechanisms
  • C–H Bond Activation by Oxidative Palladium Catalysis

Relevant News

Freitag, 20. November 2015

Schering Prize 2014 for Kristine Müther from UniCat Group of Martin Oestreich

Today, the 2014 Schering Prize has been awarded to Dr. Kristine Müther for her dissertation on "Generation, structure and reactivity of metallocene-stabilized silylium ions".mehr

Dienstag, 06. Oktober 2015

Douglas Stephan selected as Einstein Visiting Fellow

The Einstein Foundation Berlin has announced that Professor Douglas W. Stephan of the University of Toronto has been selected as newest Einstein Visiting Fellow.mehr

Dienstag, 31. März 2015

Summer School on Molecular Catalysis 2015

Apply now for attending the summer school / only few seats availablemehr

Prof. Dr. Martin Oestreich

Martin Oestreich
Technische Universität Berlin
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