Prof. Dr. Thomas Risse

Research interests

EPR spectroscopy

Research Fields in UniCat

Research Field D1
Research Field D2

2007-2011: B3, B4

Selection of research projects

EPR spectroscopy on single crystal surfaces
Quartz Crystal Microbalance
Spin labeling


Relevant News

Donnerstag, 22. Februar 2018

Optimized Na2WO4/Mn/SiO2 catalysts for the oxidative coupling of methane

The role of the composition of a Na2WO4/Mn/SiO2 catalyst in the oxidative coupling of methane by chemical looping experiments was investigated. The authors have analyzed a series of Na2WO4/Mn/SiO2catalysts supported on mesoporous silica. It was found that mehr

Freitag, 26. Juni 2015

UniCat researchers successful

Thomas Risse and Robert Bittl have successfully acquired projects for the DFG Priority Program EPR spectroscopy: from biological cells to nano materials. mehr

Prof. Dr. Thomas Risse

Thomas Risse
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