Dr. Patrick Scheerer

Research interests

Protein crystallography and engineering, X-ray structure analysis, Combined crystallographic and spectroscopic approaches, Neutron diffraction and free-electron laser techniques, Membrane proteins, photoreceptors and signal transduction proteins, G-protein-coupled receptors, rhodopsins, phytochromes,  photolyases Metalloproteins, [NiFe]-hydrogenases

Crystal structure of the heterodimeric membrane-bound [NiFe]-hydrogenase of Ralstonia eutropha in the hydrogen-reduced form (1.5 Å resolution).

Relevant News

Saturday, 01. September 2018

Professor Katrina T. Forest awarded with an Einstein Visiting Fellowship

We are glad to announce the successful application of Prof. Katrina T. Forest (University of Wisconsin-Madison) for an Einstein Visiting Fellowship. Prof. K. T. Forest will start a new research project on light-driven biocatalysis in Berlin within the fram

Tuesday, 20. February 2018

New joint paper on hydrogenase

Tracking the route of substrates, intermediates, and inhibitors in proteins is fundamental in understanding their specific function. However, following the route of gases like molecular oxygen within enzymes has always been challenging. In protein X-ray cr[more]

Friday, 11. March 2016

Unicat researchers provide new insights into the nature and function of hydrogen-oxidizing enzymes

Hydrogenases are enzymes that split molecular hydrogen into protons and electrons, which are conversely used to form hydrogen. Whether or not a particular hydrogenase is oxygen-tolerant is determined by its 3D-structure.

Thursday, 19. June 2014

Citation rankings in the field of protein research – high placement for UniCat member, Patrick Scheerer

In the newest ranking from the journal, Laborjournal, Dr. Patrick Scheerer from the Institute of Medical Physics from the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin occupies leading positions. Two of the top ten most cited articles on protein research from scien[more]

Wednesday, 09. April 2014

Reversible [4Fe-3S] cluster morphing in an oxygen-tolerant [NiFe] hydrogenase

New article by seven UniCat groups in Nature Chemical Biology[more]

Tuesday, 21. February 2012

New Iron–Sulfur Clusters Help Hydrogenases Tolerate Oxygen

Nature publication of Oliver Lenz and Bärbel Friedrich has been highlighted in Angwandte Chemie Internationl Edition[more]

Friday, 21. October 2011

Structure of a microbial hydrogen engine

New results on biological hydrogen conversion published in Nature by UniCat researchers Oliver Lenz and Bärbel Friedrich[more]

Dr. Patrick Scheerer

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