Alfred-Stock Memorial Prize awarded to Matthias Driess

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Prof. Matthias Driess was honoured by the German Chemical Society (Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker; GDCh). Yesterday, he received the Alfred-Stock Memorial Prize 2010 for his creative and highly innovative achievements in the field of inorganic chemistry.

Prof. Matthias Driess, Sprecher des Exzellenzclusters UniCat

Matthias Driess

Matthias Driess is Chair of UniCat and one of the youngest awardees. The Alfred-Stock Memorial Prize or Alfred-Stock-Ged√§chtnispreis is the most pestigious award in the field of inorganic chemistry in Germany. It is an award for "an outstanding independent scientific experimental investigation in the field of inorganic chemistry." This prize was created in 1950 in recognition of the pioneering achievements by the German chemist Alfred Stock (1876 - 1946).

Alfred Stock worked on hydrides of boron and silicon. Furthermore he publisched more than 50 papers on different aspects of mercury and mercury poisoning initiated by his own chronic mercury poisoning in 1923. He became vocal on protesting the mercury usage. German dentists abandoned his warning in 1928 against copper amalgam usage.

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