International Symposia, Conferences, and Summer Schools

(organized by UniCat, in chronological Order)

2015-07-06 until 2015-07-09 Jointly held ICIQ-UniCat Summer School at TU Berlin. Organizers: Prof. Oestreich (BIG-NSE, TU Berlin), Prof. Driess (UniCat, TU Berlin), and Prof. Muniz (ICIQ - Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia. announcement (PDF)

2014-04-02 until 2014-04-04 3rd BioProScale Symposium "Inhomogeneities in large-scale bioprocesses: System biology and process dynamics" organized by Prof. Peter Neubauer (TUB) in collaboration with UniCat and the TU Berlin announcement (PDF)

2013-03-01 Status seminar: Consistent Bioprocess Development: "Platform Technologies for Automated Bioprocess Development" organized in collaboration with UniCat by Prof. Peter Neubauer (TUB) announcement (PDF)

2013-02-28 Symposium: Consistent Bioprocess Development: "New Expression Systems and Technologies" organized in collaboration with UniCat by Prof. Peter Neubauer (TUB) announcement (PDF)

2012-03-14 until 2012-03-16 2nd BioProScale Symposium Inhomogeneities in large-scale bioprocesses: System biology and process dynamics' announcement (PDF)

2011-09-11 until 2011-09-16 International Symposium ISHHC XV "International Symposium on the Relations between Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Catalysis" organized by Prof. Freund (FHI) in collaboration with UniCat announcement (PDF)

2011-02-20 until 2011-02-23 Joint International Symposium - CRC 546 - CoE UniCat Activation of Small Molecules - Gas Phase Clusters, Molecular Catalysts, Enzymes and Solid Materials announcement (PDF)

2010-11-18 UniCat Mini Symposium "Biological Catalysis" with special guest Prof. Amy Rosenzweig, Northwestern University Evanston, USA announcement (PDF)

2010-08-19 until 2010-08-20 International Meeting 2010 CCSS - UniCat Annual Scientific Meeting at Northwestern University, USA announcement (PDF)

2010-06-16 until 2010-06-17 BIG-NSE Mini Symposium "Biological and (electro-)chemical catalysts for hydrogen conversion" with special guests: Prof. Fontecave, Grenoble, France and Dr. Vincent, Oxford, UK announcement (PDF)

2010-05-12 BIG-NSE- / UniCat- Mini Symposium "Protein Engineering" with special guest Prof. Joelle N. Pelletier, University of Montreal, Canada announcement (PDF)

2009-11-19 Workshop "Molecular and Cellular Biophysics and Catalysis" with Kirstin Wagner (Odense), Eglof Ritter (Berlin), Andreas Möglich (Chicago), Holger Kress (Yale), Harald Janovjak (Berkeley) announcement (PDF)

2009-07-15 Workshop "Oxidative Kupplung von Methan (OCM)" with Prof. Schomäcker (TUB), Dr. Horn (FHI), Prof. Baerns (FHI), Dr. Mäurer (BASF) announcement (PDF)

2008-12-16 until 2008-12-18 Workshop "Bioanalytics & Bioelectrocatalysis 2008" with invited speakers from University of Lund, University Bochum, TU Berlin, U Potsdam, TFH Wildau, Frauenhofer IBMT announcement (PDF)

2008-10-02 until 2008-10-07 Workshop Jerusalem-Berlin Organometallics and Materials Chemistry - A Happy Marriage announcement (PDF)

2008-09-29 until 2008-10-01 International Workshop VAAM International Workshop "Biology and Chemistry of Antibiotic-Producing Bacteria" announcement (PDF)