Special Talks and Lectures

(Chronological Order)

2018-03-26 Science Café Bundesciencia Science Cafe announcement (PDF)

2017-12-12 Special Lecture Prof. Dr. Fraser Stoddart, Northwestern University: The rise and promise of molecular machines based on the mechanical bond announcement (PDF)

2017-10-18 Special UniCat Colloquium Dr. Martin Oschatz, MPl für Kolloid- und Grenzflächenforschung: Influence of pore structure and surface chemistry of nanostructured carbons on their properties as support materials in heterogeneous catalysis; Dr. Bartholomäus Pieber, MPI für Kolloid- und Grenzflächenforschung: Continuous heterogeneous photoredox catalysis in serial-micro batch reactors; Dr. Sebastian Matera, FU Berlin: First principles based multiscale modeling of heterogeneous catalysis: error propagation and coupling to the continuum. announcement (PDF)

2017-07-07 Special Lecture Prof. Dr. Anne-Frances Miller, University of Kentucky: Flavins-based electron transfer bifurcation: Insights into the flavins at the heart of a newly-appreciated mechanism for energy conservation announcement (PDF)

2016-12-01 First BasCat UniCat Colloquium Dr. Franziska Heß, U Gießen: "Atomic-scale insight into the surface science of heterogeneously catalyzed reactions from a combined experimental and theoretical approach" . Dr. Sandra Luber, U Zurich: "Computational investigation and design of bio-inspired catalysts for water splitting". announcement (PDF)

2016-10-14 Special Lecture Nano- and single-crystals of lead halide perovskites: from bright light emission to hard radiation detection mit Prof. Dr. Maksym Kovalenko announcement (PDF)

2013-11-20 UniCat Minisymposium Kolloquium "Modellierung von Biomolekülen" mit Prof. Maria Andrea Mroginski, Prof. Ana-Nicoleta Bondar, PD Dr. Thomas Exner announcement (PDF)

2013-11-18 UniCat Minisymposium Kolloquium "Modellierung von Biomolekülen" mit Prof. Petra Imhof und Prof. Birgit Strodel announcement (PDF)

2013-09-16 Special UniCat Seminar with Dr. Matteo Maestri, Politecnico di Milano, Italy: "A first-principles approach to system complexity in heterogeneous catalysis" and Dr. Geoffroy Hautier, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium: "Accelerating materials discovery through high-throughput announcement (PDF)

2013-07-05 Special Lecture Dr. Abbie Trewin, Liverpool, UK: "Modelling Porous Organic Materials - a bottom up approach to rational design" announcement coming soon

2013-06-26 Meeting Einstein Lecture Prof. John F. Hartwig, Einstein visiting fellow, University of California, Berkeley, USA: "Catalysts: Speeding up technological progress" announcement (PDF)

2013-06-19 UniCat Seminar Dr. Ümit Akbey, Leibniz-Institut für Molekulare Pharmakologie, Berlin-Buch, Germany: 'Hyperpolarized Solid-State NMR Studies on Functional & Biological Materials: A new breakthrough towards ultra-high sensitivity' announcement (PDF)

2013-06-05 UniCat Seminar Dr. Jalila Simaan, Laboratory "BiosCiences", (ISM2), UMR, CNRS, Aix Marseille University, France: 'Insights into the mode of action of ACC Oxidase, a non-heme iron containing enzyme: enzymatic system and bioinspired models' announcement (PDF)

2013-05-29 UniCat Seminar Dr. Moran Feller, Assistant Staff Scientist, Milstein group, Organic Chemistry Department, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel: 'Unique Reactivity of Phosphino Pyridine Pincer-Type Rhodium Complexes' announcement (PDF)

2013-04-30 UniCat Seminar Dr. Peter Gnauck (Carl ZEISS Microscopy GmbH), Oberkochen, Germany: 'Helium Ionen Mikroskopie - Technik und ihre Anwendungen' announcement (PDF)

2012-11-07 Unicat Special Lecture Dr. Ekkehard Schwab, Catalysis for Syngas Production and Processing, BASF SE, Ludwigshafen, Germany: 'Syngas - a key chemical for the storage of renewable energy' announcement (PDF)

2012-09-14 Special UniCat Seminar Dr. Madin M. Bahsin, Senior Research Scientist - Catalysis, Mid-Atlantic Technology Research and Innovation Center, Inc., South Charleston, WV, USA: "High Selectivity Methane Coupling at High Pressure Using Novel, Defect/Disordered Rare Earth Oxycarbonate announcement (PDF)

2012-07-24 UniCat Special Lecture Dr. Florian Hollfelder, University of Cambridge: "Multiple Catalytic Promiscuity: Towards Rules and Tools" announcement (PDF)

2012-07-23 UniCat Special Lecture Dr. Bettina Nestl, University of Stuttgart: "Chemistry-Based Enzyme Engineering in Biocatalysis" announcement (PDF)

2012-05-02 Special UniCat Colloquium with lectures of two new UniCat Group Leaders: Dr. Claudio Greco, Humboldt University Berlin: title "Quantum chemical and hybrid quantum / classical studies of multicluster metalloenzymes" and Prof. Andreas Möglich, Biophysical Chemistry, Humboldt Univ announcement (PDF)

2012-04-18 Special UniCat Colloquium with lectures of two new UniCat Group Leaders: Prof. Elke Dittmann, Microbiology, University of Potsdam: work title "New tricks from an ancient group of bacteria: lessons from cyanobacterial peptide libraries" and Dr. Matthias Schwalbe, Humboldt Univer announcement (PDF)

2012-04-11 Special UniCat Colloquium with lectures of two new UniCat Group Leaders: Dr. Inez Weidinger, Physical Chemistry/Biophysical Chemistry, TU Berlin: "Tailored hybrid supports for probing surface reactions via surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy" and Prof. Sabine Enders, Chair of announcement (PDF)

2012-03-02 UniCat Special Seminar with Dr. Lars Jeuken, Lund University, Sweden: "Lipid-membrane modified Electrodes and fluorescent Electrochemistry to study Redox Enzymes" announcement (PDF)

2012-02-15 Special UniCat Colloquium Unifying Concepts in Catalysis - Final lecture for appraisal of our renewal proposal announcement (PDF)

2011-09-28 Special Lecture Dr. Ipsita Roy, School of Life Sciences, University of Westminster, London, UK: "Polyhydroxyalkanoates, a family of Biodegradable Polymers" announcement (PDF)

2010-03-08 Special Lecture Prof. Vladimir Ya. Lee, Structural Organic Chemistry, University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan: "Heavy Analogues of the 6π -Electron Charged Systems: Structure, Bonding, Aromaticity and Application as Novel Ligands for Transition Metal Complexes" announcement (PDF)

2009-12-09 Richard Willstätter Lecture Prof. Shlomo Yitzchaik, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel: "Molecular Interfaces in Neuroelectronic Hybrids" announcement (PDF)

2009-10-16 Special Lecture Prof. Jeffrey P. Greeley, Center for Nanoscale Materials, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL, USA: "Catalysis and Electrochemistry on Transition Metal Nanoclusters" announcement (PDF)

2009-09-16 Special Lecture Prof. Cameron Jones, ARC Australian Professorial Fellow, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia; Senior Alexander-von-Humboldt Research Award 2008: "Bulky Guanidinates and Related Ligands for the Stabilization of Very Low Oxidation State Metallacycles" announcement (PDF)

2009-06-23 Special Lecture Dr. Dmitry Bravo-Zhivotovskii, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Schulich Faculty of Chemistry, Haifa, Israel: "Towards Isolable Metallo-Silenes via Brook Rearrangement or Keto-Enol Tautomerism" announcement (PDF)

2008-11-27 Special UniCat Talk Prof. Igor A. Mikhailopulo (National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus): "Enzymes of Nucleic Acid Metabolism in Biotechnology of Nucleosides: State of the Art and Prospects announcement (PDF)

2008-10-31 Colloquium of the CRC 498 and UniCat Dr. Botond Roska, Basel: "Seeing With and Without Photorecptors" / Dr. Konstantin Nikolic, London: "Photogenetic Retina Prosthesis Using Channelrhodopsin 2" announcement (PDF)

2007-02-20 Special UniCat Colloquium with lectures of Prof. M. Wolf (FUB), Dr. T. Graening (TUB), Prof. M. Lehmann (TUB) announcement (PDF)

2007-02-14 Special UniCat Colloquium with lectures of Prof. A. Grohmann (TUB), Prof. N. Ernsting (HUB), Prof. P. Saalfrank (UP), Prof. R. von Klitzing (TUB) announcement (PDF)