Clara Immerwahr Awardees

The Clara Immerwahr Award serves as an excellent example of the promotion of outstanding young female scientists and is another successful measure taken by UniCat aimed at advancing female researchers.

Who was Clara Immerwahr?

Historical Review on Clara Immerwahr's Life

Dr. Mará˝·a Escudero Escribano - Awardee 2019

University of Copenhagen
NanoElectrochemistry and Sustainable Catalysis



Dr. Tracy L. Lohr - Awardee 2018

Northwestern University
Organometallic and heterogeneous catalysis

Sandra Luber - Awardee 2017

University of Zurich
Theoretical chemistry

Dr. Rebecca Melen - Awardee 2016

Cardiff University
Organic chemistry

Dr. Anna Company - Awardee 2015

University of Girona
Synthetic chemistry

Dr. Teresa Santos-Silva - Awardee 2014

Nova University of Lisbon
Structural biology

Dr. Jennifer Edwards - Awardee 2013

Cardiff University
Metalorganic chemistry

Dr. Kylie A. Vincent - Awardee 2012

Oxford University
Inorganic chemistry