Prof. Dr. Peter Strasser - Publications

2246 Tracking Catalyst Redox States and Reaction Dynamics in Ni–Fe Oxyhydroxide Oxygen Evolution Reaction Electrocatalysts: The Role of Catalyst Support and Electrolyte pH M. Görlin, J. Ferreira de Araújo, H. Schmies, D. Bernsmeier, S. Dresp, M. Gliech, Z. Jusys, P. Chernev, R. Kraehnert, H. Dau, P. Strasser Journal of the American Chemical Society 2017, 139, 2070–2082, 10.1021/jacs.6b12250

2061 From molecular copper complexes to composite electrocatalytic materials for selective reduction of CO2to formic acid T. N. Huan, E. S. Andreiadis, J. Heidkamp, P. Simon, E. Derat, S. Cobo, G. Royal, A. Bergmann, P. Strasser, H. Dau, V. Artero, M. Fontecave J. Mater. Chem. A 2015, 3, 3901–3907, 10.1039/C4ta07022d

1978 Oxygen Evolution Reaction Dynamics, Faradaic Charge Efficiency, and the Active Metal Redox States of Ni–Fe Oxide Water Splitting Electrocatalysts M. Görlin, P. Chernev, J. Ferreira de Araújo, T. Reier, S. Dresp, B. Paul, R. Krähnert, H. Dau, P. Strasser Journal of the American Chemical Society 2016, 138, 5603–5614, 10.1021/jacs.6b00332

1974 Nafion-Free Carbon-Supported Electrocatalysts with Superior Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Performance by Soft Templating D. Bernsmeier, M. Bernicke, E. Ortel, A. Bergmann, A. Lippitz, J. Nissen, R. Schmack, P. Strasser, J. Polte, R. Kraehnert ChemElectroChem 2016, 10.1002/celc.201600444

1945 Uncovering the prominent role of metal ions in octahedral versus tetrahedral sites of cobalt–zinc oxide catalysts for efficient oxidation of water P. W. Menezes, A. Indra, A. Bergmann, P. Chernev, C. Walter, H. Dau, P. Strasser, M. Driess J. Mater. Chem. A 2016, 4, 10014–10022, 10.1039/C6TA03644A

1804 Iridium Oxide Coatings with Templated Porosity as Highly Active Oxygen Evolution Catalysts: Structure-Activity Relationships M. Bernicke, E. Ortel, T. Reier, A. Bergmann, J. Ferreira de Araujo, P. Strasser, R. Kraehnert ChemSusChem 2015, 8, 1908–1915, 10.1002/cssc.201402988

1719 High-Performance Oxygen Redox Catalysis with Multifunctional Cobalt Oxide Nanochains: Morphology-Dependent Activity P. W. Menezes, A. Indra, D. González-Flores, N. R. Sahraie, I. Zaharieva, M. Schwarze, P. Strasser, H. Dau, M. Driess ACS Catalysis 2015, 5, 2017–2027, 10.1021/cs501724v

1717 Hydrophobic Nanoreactor Soft-Templating: A Supramolecular Approach to Yolk@Shell Materials A. Guiet, C. Göbel, K. Klingan, M. Lublow, T. Reier, U. Vainio, R. Kraehnert, H. Schlaad, P. Strasser, I. Zaharieva, H. Dau, M. Driess, J. Polte, A. Fischer Advanced Functional Materials 2015, 25, 6228–6240, 10.1002/adfm.201502388

1708 Quantifying the density and utilization of active sites in non-precious metal oxygen electroreduction catalysts N. R. Sahraie, U. I. Kramm, J. Steinberg, Y. Zhang, A. Thomas, T. Reier, J. P. Paraknowitsch, P. Strasser Nature Communications 2015, 6, 8618– 10.1038/ncomms9618

1707 Reversible amorphization and the catalytically active state of crystalline Co3O4 during oxygen evolution A. Bergmann, E. Martinez-Moreno, D. Teschner, P. Chernev, M. Gliech, J. F. de Araújo, T. Reier, H. Dau, P. Strasser Nature Communications 2015, 6, 8625– 10.1038/NCOMMS9625

1631 Pd/TiO2 coatings with template-controlled mesopore structure as highly active hydrogenation catalyst E. Ortel, J. Polte, D. Bernsmeier, B. Eckhardt, B. Paul, A. Bergmann, P. Strasser, F. Emmerling, R. Kraehnert Applied Catalysis A: General 2015, 493, 25–32, 10.1016/j.apcata.2014.12.044

1625 Electrocatalytic Oxygen Evolution on Iridium Oxide: Uncovering Catalyst-Substrate Interactions and Active Iridium Oxide Species T. Reier, D. Teschner, T. Lunkenbein, A. Bergmann, S. Selve, R. Kraehnert, R. Schlogl, P. Strasser Journal of the Electrochemical Society 2014, 161, 10.1149/2.0411409jes

1602 Stability of nanostructured iridium oxide electrocatalysts during oxygen evolution reaction in acidic environment S. Cherevko, T. Reier, A. R. Zeradjanin, Z. Pawolek, P. Strasser, K. J. J. Mayrhofer Electrochemistry Communications 2014, 48, 81–85, 10.1016/j.elecom.2014.08.027

1548 Cobalt-Manganese-Based Spinels as Multifunctional Materials that Unify Catalytic Water Oxidation and Oxygen Reduction Reactions P. W. Menezes, A. Indra, N. R. Sahraie, A. Bergmann, P. Strasser, M. Driess ChemSusChem 2015, 8, 164–171, 10.1002/cssc.201402699

1532 Unification of Catalytic Water Oxidation and Oxygen Reduction Reactions: Amorphous Beat Crystalline Cobalt Iron Oxides A. Indra, P. W. Menezes, N. R. Sahraie, A. Bergmann, C. Das, M. Tallarida, D. Schmeißer, P. Strasser, M. Driess Journal of the American Chemical Society 2014, 136, 17530–17536, 10.1021/ja509348t

1486 Noble-Metal-Free Electrocatalysts with Enhanced ORR Performance by Task-Specific Functionalization of Carbon using Ionic Liquid Precursor Systems N. Ranjbar Sahraie, J. P. Paraknowitsch, C. Göbel, A. Thomas, P. Strasser Journal of the American Chemical Society 2014, 136, 14486–14497, 10.1021/ja506553r

1439 Size-Dependent Morphology of Dealloyed Bimetallic Catalysts: Linking the Nano to the Macro Scale M. Oezaslan, M. Heggen, P. Strasser Journal of the American Chemical Society 2012, 134, 514–524, 10.1021/ja2088162

1436 Lattice-strain control of the activity in dealloyed core–shell fuel cell catalysts P. Strasser, S. Koh, T. Anniyev, J. Greeley, K. More, C. Yu, Z. Liu, S. Kaya, D. Nordlund, H. Ogasawara, M. F. Toney, A. Nilsson Nature Chemistry 2010, 2, 454–460, 10.1038/nchem.623

1435 Noble Metal-Free Hydrazine Fuel Cell Catalysts: EPOC Effect in Competing Chemical and Electrochemical Reaction Pathways J. Sanabria-Chinchilla, K. Asazawa, T. Sakamoto, K. Yamada, H. Tanaka, P. Strasser Journal of the American Chemical Society 2011, 133, 5425–5431, 10.1021/ja111160r

1380 Dimensionally Stable Ru/Ir/TiO -Anodes with Tailored Mesoporosity for Efficient Electrochemical Chlorine Evolution N. Menzel, E. Ortel, K. Mette, R. Kraehnert, P. Strasser ACS Catalysis 2013, 3, 1324–1333, 10.1021/cs4000238

1379 Micelle-Templated Oxides and Carbonates of Zinc, Cobalt, and Aluminum and a Generalized Strategy for Their Synthesis B. Eckhardt, E. Ortel, D. Bernsmeier, J. Polte, P. Strasser, U. Vainio, F. Emmerling, R. Kraehnert Chemistry of Materials 2013, 25, 2749–2758, 10.1021/cm400535d

1378 Size-Controlled Synthesis of Colloidal Silver Nanoparticles Based on Mechanistic Understanding M. Wuithschick, B. Paul, R. Bienert, A. Sarfraz, U. Vainio, M. Sztucki, R. Kraehnert, P. Strasser, K. Rademann, F. Emmerling, J. Polte Chemistry of Materials 2013, 25, 4679–4689, 10.1021/cm401851g

1377 Electrocatalytic Oxygen Evolution Reaction on Iridium Oxide Model Film Catalysts: Influence of Oxide Type and Catalyst Substrate Interactions T. Reier, I. Weidinger, P. Hildebrandt, R. Kraehnert, P. Strasser ECS Transaction ECS Transactions 2013, 58, 39–51, 10.1149/05802.0039ecst

1367 Nitrogen-doped coatings on carbon nanotubes and their stabilizing effect on Pt nanoparticles X. Tuaev, J. P. Paraknowitsch, R. Illgen, A. Thomas, P. Strasser Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2012, 14, 6444– 10.1039/c2cp40760d

1350 Electrochemical water splitting by layered and 3D cross-linked manganese oxides: correlating structural motifs and catalytic activity A. Bergmann, I. Zaharieva, H. Dau, P. Strasser Energy & Environmental Science 2013, 6, 2745–2755, 10.1039/C3ee41194j

1312 A One-Pot Approach to Mesoporous Metal Oxide Ultrathin Film Electrodes Bearing One Metal Nanoparticle per Pore with Enhanced Electrocatalytic Properties A. Guiet, T. Reier, N. Heidary, D. Felkel, B. Johnson, U. Vainio, H. Schlaad, Y. Aksu, M. Driess, P. Strasser, A. Thomas, J. Polte, A. Fischer Chemistry of Materials 2013, 25, 4645–4652, 10.1021/cm401135z

1295 Mesoporous Nitrogen-Doped Carbon for the Electrocatalytic Synthesis of Hydrogen Peroxide T. P. Fellinger, F. Hasché, P. Strasser, M. Antonietti Journal of the American Chemical Society 2012, 134, 4072–4075, 10.1021/ja300038p

1010 Mesoporous Nitrogen Doped Carbon Supported Platinum PEM Fuel Cell Electrocatalyst Made From Ionic Liquids F. Hasche, T. P. Fellinger, M. Oezaslan, J. P. Paraknowitsch, M. Antonietti, P. Strasser ChemCatChem 2012, 4, 479–483, 10.1002/cctc.201100408

898 Electrocatalysis using porous nanostructured materials N. Menzel, E. Ortel, R. Kraehnert, P. Strasser ChemPhysChem 2012, 13, 1385–1394, 10.1002/cphc.201100984

897 Micelle-templated Mesoporous Films of Magnesium Carbonate and Magnesium Oxide B. Eckhardt, E. Ortel, J. Polte, D. Bernsmeier, O. Goerke, P. Strasser, R. Kraehnert Advanced Materials 2012, 24, 3115–3119, 10.1002/adma.201104984

677 Mesoporous IrO2 films templated by PEO-PB-PEO block-copolymers: Self-assembly, crystallization behavior and electro-catalytic performance E. Ortel, T. Reier, P. Strasser, R. Kraehnert Chemistry of Materials 2011, 23, 3201–3209, 10.1021/cm200761f

526 The Mechanism of Water Oxidation: From Electrolysis via Homogenous to Biological Catalysis H. Dau, C. Limberg, T. Reier, M. Risch, S. Roggan, P. Strasser ChemCatChem 2010, 2, 724–761, 10.1002/cctc.201000126

476 Structure of Dealloyed PtCu3 thin Films and Catalytic Activity for Oxygen Reduction P. Strasser, Y. Ruizhi, J. Leisch, M. Toney Chemistry of Materials 2010, 22, 4712–4720, 10.1021/cm101090p

475 Oxygen Evolution Co-Catalysts at Fuel Cell Cathodes for Degradation Mitigation during Simulated Start-up Shut-down Cycles P. Strasser, R. Srivasta ECS Transaction 2009, 25, 565–571, 10.1149/1.3210607

474 Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells P. Strasser, H. A. Gasteiger, H. Uchida, V. Ramani, A. Weber, S. T.J., T. Fuller, P. Shirvanian, M. Inaba, M. Edmundson, B. F.N., D. Jones Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells ECS Transactions 2010,

473 Spatiotemporal self-organization in the oscillatory HCOOH oxidation on a Pt ribbon electrode - Theory and experiments P. Strasser, J. Christoph, T. G. Noha, G. Lee Surface Science 2009, 603, 1652–1661, 10.1016/j.susc.2008.11.054

472 Nanostrukturierte Kern-Schale-Katalysatoren für PEM-Brennstoffzellen - Hochaktive Materialien durch partielle Entlegierung P. Strasser Chemie Ingenieur Technik 2009, 81, 573–580, 10.1002/cite.200800506

471 Electrochemical activity and stability of dealloyed Pt-Cu and Pt-Cu-Co electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) P. Strasser, R. Srivasta, K. C. Neyerling, C. Yu Journal of Power Sources 2009, 186, 261–267, 10.1016/j.jpowsour.2008.10.062

470 In situ voltammetric de-alloying of fuel cell catalyst electrode layer: A combined scanning electron microscope/electron probe micro-analysis study P. Strasser, R. Srivasta Journal of Power Sources 2009, 190, 40–47, 10.1016/j.jpowsour.2008.09.038

462 Dealloying - 80 % weniger Platin P. Strasser HZwei-Das Magazin f. Wasserstoff und Brennstoffzellen 2009, 1, 8–12,

461 Combinatorial Study of High Surfaces-area Binary and Ternary Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Evolution P. Strasser, K. C. Neyerlin, G. Bugosh, R. Forgie, Z. Lui Journal of the Electrochemical Society 2009, 156, 363–369, 10.1149/1.3049820

460 Dealloyed Core Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts P. Strasser Chemical Engineering Journal 2009, 25, 1– 10.1515/REVCE.2009.25.4.255

459 Brennstoffzelle in der Lehre P. Strasser, F. Hasché, M. Özaslan HZwei-Das Magazin f. Wasserstoff und Brennstoffzellen 2009, 4, 26–27,

457 Dealloyed Pt alloy electrocatalysts P. Strasser, H. A. Gasteiger, W. Vielstich, H. Yokokawa Advances in Electrocatalysis, Materials, Diagnostics, Durability Wolf Vielstich Wiley-VCH 2009, 1136–

304 Dealloyed Pt Nanoparticle Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts: Stability and Aging Study of Catalyst Powders, Thin Films, and Inks S. Koh, P. Strasser Journal of the Electrochemical Society 2010, 157, 585–591, 10.1149/1.3309729