UniCat’s New Year’s Reception and
Opening of the Einstein Centre for Catalysis

It is a tradition that the Cluster of Excellence UniCat invites you to its New Year’s Reception after the BIG-NSE Workshop in January. This year, we celebrate the Opening of the new Einstein Centre for Catalysis in addition.

In September 2015, the Einstein Foundation has approved the UniCat proposal for an Einstein Centre for catalysis. In January 2016, it begins operation in a two-step mode.

The reception will begin with an introduction by Prof. Matthias Driess (Chairman of UniCat), Prof. Christine Ahrend (Vice-President of the TU Berlin) and Prof. Günter Stock (Chair of the Einstein Foundation) followed by an informal get-together.

Friday, January 08, 2016

10:50 - 17:00 BIG-NSE-Workshop: Program in detail

17:00  New Year’s Reception and the Opening

Prof. Matthias Driess, Chairman of UniCat
Prof. Christine Ahrend, Vice-President of the TU Berlin
Prof. Günter Stock, Chair of the Einstein Foundation Berlin


Technische Universität Berlin
Chemistry Building
Lecture Hall C 130 and Gallery in front of it
Straße des 17. Juni 115
10623 Berlin.