UniCat colloquia, 2010

(Chronological Order)

2010-12-08 Dr. Martin Grininger,Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried/Munich, Germany: The Chemistry and Biology of Megasynthases announcement (PDF)

2010-11-24 Dr. Dr. Marc Heggen,Research Center Juelich, Germany: Dislocations in the Complex Metallic Alloy T-Al-Mn-Pd announcement (PDF)

2010-11-10 Prof. John F. Berry,Wisconsin-Madison, USA: Coordination Complexes with Multiple Inorganic Functional Groups announcement (PDF)

2010-10-20 Dr.-Ing. Ralph Krähnert,TU Berlin: Concepts for a rational design of solid catalysts announcement (PDF)

2010-07-21 Prof. José Salas,University of Oviedo, Spain: Engineering Biosynthetic Pathways by Combinatorial Biosynthesis to Generate Novel Bioactive Compounds announcement (PDF)

2010-07-14 Dr. Elisabeth Lojou,CNRS, Marseille, France: Hydrogenases as catalysts for fuel cells: strategies for efficient immobilization at electrode interfaces announcement (PDF)

2010-07-14 Prof. Thomas Carell,Munich Center for Integrated Protein Science CIPSM, LMU Munich, Germany: The Chemistry of DNA-Repair announcement (PDF)

2010-06-30 Prof. Michael F. Toney,Stanford University, USA: Structure, composition and activity of bimetallic electrocatalysts announcement (PDF)

2010-06-23 Prof. Peter J. Stang,University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA: Abiological Self-Assembly: Predesigned Metallacycles and Metallacages via Coordination announcement (PDF)

2010-06-09 Prof. Andrew S. Weller,University of Oxford, UK: Putting vacant sites to work: Low coordinate cationic Rhodium Phosphine complexes announcement (PDF)

2010-05-12 Prof. Joelle N. Pelletier,University of Montréal, Canada: Chimeric β-Lactamases: Structure, Function and Dynamics of Artificially Evolved Enzymes announcement (PDF)

2010-05-05 Prof. Anders Nilsson,Institute for Materials and Energy Science, Stanford University, CA, USA: Fundamental Studies of Fuel Cell Catalysis Using X-rays announcement (PDF)

2010-05-03 Prof. Dudley H. Williams,Churchill College, University of Cambridge, Department of Chemistry: How Enzymes Work their Magic announcement (PDF)

2010-04-21 Prof. Leif Hammarstroem,Uppsala University, Sweden: Controlling Coupled Electron Transfers in Artificial Photosynthesis for Solar Fuel Production announcement (PDF)

2010-03-10 Prof. Alfons Baiker,ETH Zürich, Switzerland: Catalysis on Chiral Surfaces announcement (PDF)

2010-03-03 Prof. Sascha Ott,BMC, Uppsala University, Sweden: Hydrogen from Bioinorganic Models of the [FeFe] Hydrogenase Active Site announcement (PDF)

2010-02-24 Prof. Zeev Gross,Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa: Corrole Metal Complexes: From Fundamental Chemical and Physical Properties to Advanced Medicinal Utilizations announcement (PDF)

2010-02-17 Prof. Axel Groß,University of Ulm: Modeling Reactions in Heterogeneous and Electrocatalysis on Metal Surfaces from First Principles announcement (PDF)

2010-02-10 Prof. Peter Burger,University of Hamburg: Fun with Oxos and Nitridos announcement (PDF)

2010-02-03 Prof. Zdzislaw Jaworski,Szczecin University of Technology, Poland: Current Status of Multiscale Modelling of Product Processing announcement (PDF)

2010-01-20 Dr. Lasse Greiner,RWTH Aachen, Germany: Technical Realisation of Integrated Catalytic Cascade Reactions announcement (PDF)