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10 Years Cluster of Excellence UniCat

Unifying Concepts in Catalysis - A Decade of Catalysis Research in Berlin and Potsdam
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to the Symposium "Unifying Concepts in Catalysis: Catalysis Status Quo and Challanges"
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Chemical looping for raw material change

Short movie on UniCat and its research topics

In the UniCat Cluster of Excellence in Berlin, over 250 scientists are studying how we will get by in the future with fewer resources and how catalysts can help to combat illnesses. Green cyanobacteria and a contraption known as the Miniplant play an important role in their work.

Catalysts for methane conversion

One of our main research topic is the oxidative coupling of methane (OCM). Methane is the main component of biogas and natural gas. During oil extraction, billions of cubic metres of methane are simply burned off unused, because commercial transportation often does not exist. This is a problem that UniCat wants to solve with the help of catalysis.

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Gerhard Ertl Concert - Event Documentation

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Dr. Kylie Vincent
  • Kylie Vicent from University of Oxford on enzymatic fuel cells (MP3,  1.8 MB).

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