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  • Fellowship for Outstanding Female Researchers
    The IPODI of the TU Berlin, is part of an initiative that aims to increase the number of women in leadership positions.
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    Website: ChemistryViews 07.06.2016

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  • The chemistry of moving pictures
    UniCat has achieved exciting progress in elucidating the structure of active centers of catalysts –  in the future, the Einstein Center for Catalysis will use new approaches and new partners to further explore their more difficult to identify dynamics
    TU intern 12 December 2015

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  • Mozart and Ertl – birthday concert with 1,000 guests

    Lasting standing ovations were his reward, as the music faded away and the Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Gerhard Ertl, rose from the grand piano, exhausted, relieved, and happy in the packed TU auditorium.

    Source: “TU intern”, 13th Oct.2014
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[4Fe-3S] cluster. Courtesy of Oliver Lenz
  • Hydrogenase Spills Secret

    A German team led by Oliver Lenz of Humboldt University and Christian M. T. Spahn of Charité University Hospital, both in Berlin, and a Japanese team led by the University of Hyogo’s Yoshiki Higuchi each detected a cluster never before seen in an enzyme—four iron atoms and three sulfurs. 

    Chemical & Engineering News, 89(43), October 24, 2011
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  • Brilliant Minds - Shigeyoshi Inoue Chemist

    They are among the best in their scientific fields. With the series "Brilliant Minds", DW-TV introduces top-notch young researchers from all over the world who live and work in Germany.

    Shigeyoshi Inoue is 30 years old, and is currently pursing a career in chemistry at the Technische Universität Berlin. His field of research is the production and characterization of novel molecules such as chemical combinations of silicon and carbon. Organic silicon compounds are not found in nature, but they could provide the basis for a whole new range of useful materials in both, chemistry and medicine.

    Deutsche Welle: September 2011

  • Optogenetics - Method of the year 2010
    Peter Hegemann's channelrhodopsins play a major role. 
    A series of articles and a video describe how optogenetics has revolutionized the way experiments are conducted in neuroscience and showcase the potential the method has for the study of many signaling pathways in cell biology.  
    Nat. Meth. 2011, 8, 19-22



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