Press Releases 2007 - 2016

  • Chemical looping for raw material change
    Scientists from the Cluster of Excellence “Unifying Concepts in Catalysis” of Berlin University of Technology have won the Prize for Innovation from the German Gas Industry.
    10 November 2016

  • An unusual container
    The ground-breaking ceremony for “Inkulab” was celebrated on the Charlottenburg campus of TU Berlin. By October of this year, a laboratory container, fully equipped with a ventilation system and laboratory and safety facilities, will be installed and begin operation.
    26 August 2016

  • Aluminum instead of Platinum
    The Cluster of Excellence, "Unifying Concepts in Catalysis" will present Dr. Rebecca Melen of Cardiff University, UK, the Clara Immerwahr Award on 12 February 2016 at the TU Berlin.
    05 February 2016

  • Hope for new Antibiotics:
    A German-French research team solves the structural paradigm of albicidin - funding provided by the TU Excellenc Cluster "UniCat", published in "Nature Chemical Biology"
    21 January 2015

  • Speed up your sperm with light
    Shedding light on fertility / Researchers control swimming behaviour of sperm with light-sensitive enzyme / New publication of UniCat Professor Peter Hegemann
    20 January 2015

  • The Mystery of a Bee Disease
    UniCat Scientists from the TU Berlin and the national Institute for Bee Research study the pathogens of one of the most dangerous bee diseases
    28th July 2014

  • UniCat founds the Gerhard Ertl Center
    On 8th October 2012 the Cluster of Excellence UniCat will officially found the Gerhard Ertl Center at the Technische Universität Berlin as its future headquarters
    24th September 2012

  • UniCat classed as excellent one more
    The Cluster of Excellence consolidates its pole position in catalysis research. I
    n the coming 5 years up to €33 million will be invested in Berlin and Potsdam.
    15th June 2012

  • Natural gas instead of crude oil
    UniCat Cluster of Excellence and BASF establish joint lab dedicated to the development of new catalytic processes for raw material change
    8th December 2011