Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of ten members including the coordinator. It administrates the central budget and organises the evaluation of projects and project proposals. The Executive Board decides on the scientific research program and meets monthly. UniCat’s graduate school BIG-NSE (Berlin International Graduate School of Natural Sciences and Engineering) is supervised by the Executive Board.

The Members of the Executive Board are:

Photo of Matthias Driess Prof. Matthias Driess
Inorganic Chemistry
Photo of Peter Hildebrandt Prof. Peter Hildebrandt
Biophysical Chemistry
Photo of Reinhard Schomäcker Prof. Reinhard Schomäcker
Chemical Engineering
Prof. Arne Thomas
Functional Materials
Photo of Robert Bittl Prof. Robert Bittl
Photo of Holger Dobbek Prof. Holger Dobbek
Biology and Biochemistry
Photo of Joachim Sauer Prof. Joachim Sauer
Theoretical Chemistry
Photo of Hans-Joachim Freund Prof. Hajo Freund
Chemical Physics
Photo of Silke Leimkühler Prof. Silke Leimkühler
Photo of Ralph Krähnert Dr. Ralph Krähnert
Technical Chemistry

The Executive Board was elected by the General Assembly the first time in November 2008. The second election was in November 2012. The proportion of female scientists on the Executive Board reflects the percentage of female members of the Cluster.

In November 2014, Dr. Ralph Krähnert became a board member instead of Dr. Anna Fischer who had accepted an offer for a full professorship at Freiburg University.

Former Members of the Executive Board:

Photo of Anna Fischer Dr. Anna Fischer
Board member 2010-2014
Photo of Günter Wozny Prof. Günter Wozny
Chemical Engineering
Board member 2008-2012
Photo of Peter Hegemann Prof. Peter Hegemann
Board member 2008-2010
Photo of Matthias Kraume

Prof. Matthias Kraume
Chemical Engineering
Board member 2012-2017

In November 2012, there was a small change: the bio-physicist Prof. Dr. Peter Hegemann from HU Berlin was followed by Prof. Dr. Holger Dobbek, a biologist from HU Berlin. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günter Wozny (chemical engineering) left the Executive Board for reasons of age. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Kraume (chemical engineering) followed him.

The first Executive Board elected in November 2008 (from left to right): Peter Hegemann (HU), Robert Bittl (FU), Peter Hildebrandt (TU), Hans-Joachim Freund (FHI), Silke Leimkühler (UP), Matthias Drieß (TU, Chairman), Reinhard Schomäcker (TU), Joachim Sauer (HU), Günter Wozny (TU)