Test drive the hydrogen fuel cell cars of the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP)

Three fuel cell cars © UniCat / Pierre Adenis
Fuel cell car © UniCat / Pierre Adenis
Opel HydroGen4 © CEP

Take a test drive to the Victory Column (Siegessäule) and back with a real fuel cell car, or take a look under the hood and learn more about the technical challenges in developing hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Experience for yourself what if feels like to be on the road, emission-free and quiet, with hydrogen in the tank. No toxic fumes are streaming from the exhaust, just water vapor. How does it work? Come by and test (drive) it for yourself!

On-site registration and presentation of a valid drivers license is required for a test drive.

A service from the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) and the UniCat Cluster of Excellence.

The CEP is the biggest demonstration project for hydrogen mobility in Europe. Technology, oil, and energy companies, as well as the majority of the largest automobile manufacturers and leading public transportation companies are involved in this groundbreaking project for the future. You can learn more about CEP at: www.cleanenergypartnership.de or

Parking lot in front of the House of Chemistry (Haus der Chemie)

17:00 to midnight (on-going)

Aprox. 15 min

Suitable for children 10 years and older, but not specifically geared towards children

Type of Event:
Demonstration, hands-on experiment

Partially wheelchair accessible