Thursday, 23. September 2010

Artificial enzymes from school lab

Prof. Nediljko Budisa cooperates with school in Austria[more]

Wednesday, 22. September 2010

Pofessorship at ISAS - offer to Peter Hildebrandt

A professorship at "Leibniz-Institut für Analytische Wissenschaften" (ISAS) in Dortmund as a Director of the Department of Bio-Spectroscopy is offered to Peter Hildebrandt, Professor for Biophysical Chemistry at TU Berlin and Vice Chair of UniCat. ISAS cooperates closely with "Technische Universität Dortmund" and has a branch office in Berlin.[more]

Monday, 13. September 2010

Cooperation with Catalonia

Foto: UniCat / Martin Penno

UniCat extends its network.[more]

Wednesday, 18. August 2010

Novel Ag-Silica-Au hybrid device

A novel Ag-silica-Au hybrid device is developed that displays a long-range plasmon transfer of Ag to Au leading to enhanced Raman scattering of molecules largely separated from the optically excited Ag surface.  You can find the full article of Peter Hildebrandt and coworkers on "Induced SER-Activity in Nanostructured Ag–Silica–Au Supports via Long-Range Plasmon Coupling": Research\Research Highlights[more]

Wednesday, 14. July 2010

European Research Council assigns UniCat researcher by ERC starting grant

Prof. Dr. Janina Maultzsch; Foto: TU Berlin, Ulrich Dahl

Prof. Dr. Janina Maultzsch receives a fund of about 1.47 million Euro for a new research project on characterization and control of carbon nanotubes and graphenes.[more]

Monday, 12. July 2010

Unifying Concepts in Catalysis - Special Issue of ChemCatChem

Christian Limberg and Matthias Driess are guest editors[more]

Thursday, 24. June 2010

In vivo double and triple labeling of proteins using synthetic amino acids

The group of Prof. Budisa could demonstrate that it is possible to introduce three types of non-canonical amino acids into a protein in a single expression experiment.[more]

Monday, 31. May 2010

Facile Dioxygen Activation by Molecular Silicon(II) Compounds

From silicon(II)-based dioxygen activation to adducts of elusive dioxasiliranes and sila-ureas stable at room temperature[more]

Wednesday, 21. April 2010

Reducing fuel cell costs by changing the structure and reactivity of platinum

Increasing platinum’s reactivity brings fuel cells closer to reality[more]

Sunday, 11. April 2010

Catalysts: Promoters of a better world

Prof. Matthias Driess on UniCat in the "Handelsblatt"[more]